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Sevier Systems LLC helps you manage the risks of changing your information systems processes, systems, and technologies by planning, designing and implementing the changes with you, and providing strategic IT resources to your company only while they are needed.




    Business processes can place extraordinary demands on software and hardware systems. Often business expectations exceed technical capabilities. And just as often, technology can present opportunities that are not foreseen.

    • Imperative: New systems must meet your business needs and goals, by design.

    Hardware and software vendors strive to provide solutions that work well within themselves. Combining such components remains difficult and problem prone. Details of transactions and information flows between software and hardware systems, and physical locations, remain unique within each enterprise.

    • Imperative: Multiple technologies must work, and work together.

    Clear communication and motivating excitement remain the surest ways of over-coming resistance to change, and uncertainty within the information systems and business communities.

    • Imperative: Your people must be included as part of the process of delivering solutions.




Technology requirements for your business processes. Strategic IS design. Application and vendor evaluation and package selection. Package implementation planning. Integration requirements planning. Information and Reporting requirements planning. Security design. Operations and contingency design.

Project support. Software package implementation. Custom software design and implementation. Systems integration design and implementation. Internet, Intranet, and Extranet development, implementation, and integration. Database and Reporting development and implementation.

Local and wide area IT Infrastructure design and implementation. Operations and user training. Support and assessment of IT administrative services including mail, file storage, printing, and naming. Client software license compliance. Virus and security assessment.

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